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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 18, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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call. lights are blinking we are closing down shop. see you again tomorrow. go to let us know what yothought about the show. keep it here on fox news channel the most powerful name in news. bill o'reilly is next. so come give us a visit. >> bill: o'reilly that can tore son. >> to the outside world they seem like a happy couple. >> fathered a child 10 years ago with a woman who worked in the family home. >> bill: one of the biggest political scandals in history arnold schwarzenegger fathering a child with an employee while married to kennedy heiress maria shriver. this has huge political implications going forward. karl rove andly analyze. >> what's with the bill between 250 to $500,000 to tiffany's and has it been paid. >> my answer to you is i'm not commenting on stuff like that. >> bill: newt gingrich continues to get pound dollars in the press and by otherwise own party. internal polling on newt gingrich and the other republican candidates.
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>> bill: you are a old time socialist. >> not long time i think i'm a present time. >> bill: actor ed asner socialist and somewhat disappointed with president obama. lowe grant will be here. also tonight charges on nancy pelosi is gaming obama care. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. arnold schwarzenegger, the social network and leadership in america. that's the memo. americans should feel sorry for maria shriver and her four children caught up by scandal generated by arnold schwarzenegger. the net and media going wild over the fact the former california governor fathered a child with a former member of his household staff. that reportedly happened more than 10 years ago.
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somehow schwarzenegger kept quiet and able to serve in san diego. tenure was disastrous for california. when he entered office owed about $36 billion. when he left office, the state owed ready, more than 92 billion. now no one knows how schwarzenegger's personal problems affected his job, but you have got to assume there was pressure on the man. it's not easy living a double life. for the country, this story and the job edwards' scandal before it illustrate a stark reality in america that the internet can tear human beings apart because there are no boundaries. thousands of web sites spew horrendous stories especially about those seeking political power. they deserve the exposure they do bad things. all of us make mcstakes but that makes it tough for anyone to run for office. office seekers now know if they have made a significant mistake in their past life it will be rammed down their throat.
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do you want to put your family through that? many smart and prited i can americans do not. therefore, they stay out of the public reason. many of the founding fathers made huge mistakes on their resumes. people like franklin and jefferson. today they would be destroyed. think about that under the banner of freedom of speech there is no solution to the net. free fire zone on every human being. coward sociopaths high hide in the weeds and basements. say the most vial things absolutely nothing a person in the republican demain with do. the social network has changed america forever. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction joining us from south florida karl rove. so, mr. rove, do you agree with me that many good people simply aren't going to run for public offers? >> well, i think that's right. i think it's more the rough and tumble of politics than it is of fear of having something, you know, in their back ground
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displayed. best of your recollection look, in this instand though the mort of the story is if you have fathered a child out of wedlock under your house's home, maybe you shouldn't think about running for governor of california. the arrogance of mr. schwarzenegger and you know the recklessness, he ran for governor of california knowing that this had occurred and that it could have been uncovered. i'm shocked, frankly that the she highly skilled democratic political operatives had not uncovered this back when he first ran for governor. >> let's take thomas jefferson for. >> arguably the most inflowble man in the nation's history. crafting the condition substitution and other documentings. it looks like he had an affair, evidence wasn't married at the time over the slave.
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had power over the won. iful submit to you almost all of our politicians john f. kennedy is a great example. maria shriver's grandfather. look. first of all madison. >> jefferson contributed mightily if you read their letters back and forth to the crafting of the constitution. >> is he in paris at that time. i mean is he a little bit out of the action, but i get your point that he was one of the founding fathers. we ought to be careful about taking the standards and the reality of today and applying it to the past. perhaps people felt they could get away with things when the country had much more diffuse media. >> you are exactly right. even then the editor of the richmond inquire a gentleman
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maimed cold holder. >> bill: wasn't able to penetrate the country as it is -- look. the danger with this internet business and you know as well as die. all of us in the public eye know is that if these people want to do i have you they will say anything about you. can't do anything if you are in the public domain about it. wait a minute. >> i get that. >> bill: you get it and so does everybody that may have a desire to rub for office. so if a kid made a mistake, in college or some kind of relationship that didn't work out or enemies looking to get them because these people pay for stories. they buy stories. >> you know, bill, i get that. i guess where i disagree is i have faith that the american people are fair. for example, we elected a president in 2000 who admitted that 30 years before, nearly 30 years before he had had a dui.
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men people are fair minded people. >> all the trash you want in the world. but, you know, there is a big difference. arnold schwarzenegger and john edwards both rab for president knowing that they had acted inappropriately in the way that the majority of american people would find. >> self-destructive men and schwarzenegger, you could say he rap for governor not president. but, look, they are self-destructive men and we're not making excuses for thieves guys. that's off the chart and you can't do that. but i'm really worried and this really concerns me if i look at the field of presidential contenders and people stepping up to run for congress. i know there are good people who stayed made -- reading all this stuff about their democrat it's awful. just go ghoo these web sites read the crab. go to the daily kos and read the garbage. >> look, i have a personal familiarity with what you are talking about. but, again, i repeat, and i don't disagree with your
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fundamental assumption that some good people are going to be discouraged. >> bill: a lot. >> rough and tumble of politics. some of the lesson out of this is if you have done really bad things for which you have not paid. >> you will pay if you run. i have tfdz if they are able to pick some of the good standoff and some of the bad stuff. we better get used to it though. as you say there is no solution to it. earth love their country there so much. man in the between often. >> the choice comes down to whether you lo your country you will love your kid. lock four kids that maria shriver had, look what they have to go through for to of the of their father should not have done it. >> that's right. i have got to tell you. >> bill: suffer because of the celebration of it on the net. there is a celebration.
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>> with all due respect. i don't need to be lectured about the impact on a family of stuff that flows out on the internet. all i'm saying is this is america as we find it. people, i do have confidence the measure people differentiate between the trash and the that he are fair minded people. we have had this stuff throughout history. didn't have facebook, didn't have the belt but we is stho sciolous thing said in print and names attached to it about the history of our country. people as diverse as abraham lincoln and council mass jeffer push on through. ethics for the debase. we appreciate it polling nancy we appreciate it polling nancy pelosi gaming the owe that careú [ male announcer ] bridgestone is using natural rubber,
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report of the republican party. huckabee and trump jumping out. gingrich getting into trouble. polling becomes very important. author of the big best seller "revolt" dick morris. what's the headline of the poll. >> the poll was taken before huckabee and romney and trump dropped out. looking through the data and we
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asked who you would vote for romney is the clear winner from this whole process. third of the vote told us romney. half of trump's vote told us their second choice was romney. if a poll were taken right now, my bet is it would show romney high 20's, low 30's and probably gingrich around 15. >> gingrich would be second. the poll that you h can why put it up on the screen here? >> romney 22. huckabee 20. trump 15. gingrich 11. palin 9. >> bachmann 6. >> bill: all right. so you take out huckabee as you explained. take out trump, that's 35. and you say most of those go to romney. >> well, probably about 10 of them go to romney. and 10 go to undecided and 10 go to everywhere else. it puts romney up around 30. these early polls don't mean a whole lot. >> bill: i know that look, it's coming fast. >> the trump withdrawal is huge
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news for romney because romney is the business candidate, the job creating candidate. and that's what trump was. and romney now has that field almost entirely to himself. and you have gingrich, bachmann and. >> here by your polling and what is it a thousand people. by your polling, this is a boone for romney because the second guy is trump, i mean, sorry, gingrich. and this was before gingrich got into all the trouble. so gingrich is at 11. got to figure he is down to single digits now. >> i don't think so. i think the attacks on gingrich and all of that are way overblown. he said something that was very popular. he said he opposes the medicare cuts in ryan's budget. is very popular. the republican party won congress. >> not republican because of the $500 billion of medicare cuts. >> bill: other political expert. let me make an observation.
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in the primaries, okay? it isn't popular because those are the people the rabid republicans zeroed in on obama care and all of that. in the general population you are correct. >> no. what i'm saying is in the primary we are old voters on medicare. the ryan program of cutting met care. ryan's of cuts in his program will be very unpopular. gingrich. >> bill: is he getting slaughtered on talk radio gingrich is. hammered by his own party. >> i have made a good living people getting hammered and understand. crazy like a fox for this thing. >> you said he would stay in the race. i knew i was going to get that in. >> public opinion. the tiffany's thing and
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everything else that he is going to actually go up in the republican polls. >> yeah. higher than 11. when are you going to take the next poll? >> a couple of weeks. >> bill: can't you speed it up now. >> published polls. >> have you got the whole different field now. >> a week from today. >> will you have it the next wednesday for us? i want to see if you are right. >> another person who watch in this field is michele bachmann. she has charisma. she is brilliant. she is a lawyer. >> bill: wait. she is brilliant? >> yeah. absolutely. a paths r. >> masters degree. she is sharp and fast. >> bill: i agree with all of that brilliant. >> she is not in gingrich's league but who is? >> bill: you say she is helped why? >> she is the republican leader in congress of the tea party caucus. so, when boehner makes his deal
11:17 pm
with the obama over the debt limit, and the tea party fights and misk cat returns break out 'w. allergies. bachmann will be their hero. >> the removal of huckabee and trurep bachmann? >> tremendously. because huckabee was the evangelical candidate. the polling has shown the evangelicals and the tea party people overlap. 75% or both evangelical and tea party types. with how come beis out most of those votes are going to romney. >> bill: you see it romney, gingrich and bachmann. but bachmann has to to keep nirp. >> i think you are going to have a three way fight on the right and one on the center.
11:18 pm
get a pass. trump dropped out he is making the final. then you are going to have a three way fight for the search nomination among beginning yich, dabbles and balkman. i think that gingrich will benefit from debates but will be hurt by his personal issues. damages is pretty dull. but his record as governor is fabulous. and bachmann has the can a chara but she is inexperienced. one of those three is going to emerge and fight romney august the wave down to the fire. >> i agree with that see you next week being with a directly ahead what did the cia leasure from the bin laden raid? they took a lot of them. rating on president obama's ♪
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. >> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, president obama set to visit the cia on friday. as you may know the agency took a lot of stuff out of bin laden's house after the navy seals killed him. the associated press reported today that the cia believes a man named saif al iran could be the new al qaeda chief. author of the new book osama bin laden. any idea what the cia has learned and what about this new guy adel? >> is he a long time member of am died in egyptian islamic jihad. is he a form everywhere colonel in the special forces. is he very adept as operator, involved in the bombing of our embassies in 199. a very, from their perspective a very good choice and clandestined operator. what the agency is learning,
11:23 pm
unfortunately, has been leaked to almost everyone on earth by the white house and especially probably the terrorism czar. i think the main thing we have learned so far that we have to hang up the whole idea that bin laden was not in charge of the organization and also the idea that these branches around the world were not connected to each other or back to him. this is a very sturdy, very resilient organization. we have at least the politicians have been talking through their hat for the last decade on the status of that organization. >> bill: okay. so they still, according to you, a formidable opponent. they are centralized. tell me about this adel? how do you say his last name? >> safe adel. are they harboring him? a situation where al qaeda is going to be protected by iran? >> no, sir. he was appointed al qaeda's commander. arrested with some members of
11:24 pm
bin laden's family and other operatives as he was traveling through iran shortly thereafter. he spent a period under house arrest and he was offered but turned down by the iranians. >> bill: why did they turn him down. >> the iranians wanted the anti-iranian iraqi group they wanted the leadership and they were willing to exchange all of these al qaeda people but rumsfeld turned it down because he thought he could use the mek against the iranians. so, they released him in the last year last year and a half. is he in the drimps seat in terms of operations. >> any idea where he is? >> no, sir, i don't. i suppose in afghanistan or pakistan, one or the other. that doesn't get you much. >> bill: it's speculation, of course. >> yes. >> bill: now, the overall impact of bin laden's death on the middle east is considerable, correct? >> oh, i think it's very considerable, sir. it free's up a lot of people to
11:25 pm
begin -- like for supporting the taliban. money will start flowing again to the taliban because it won't have the negative connotation of helping bin laden anymore. the taliban will be receiving funds and volunteers and it's very important. also the inspiration that bin lad deb life will live on after death thanks to video and audiotapes. we are seeing a growth in the islamist movement across the region which at some point will finally sink into the obama administration that we're not seeing democracy growing across the middle east. what we're see something a movement towards islam. >> bill: fundamentalist movement. i said that all along that there is a muslim problem in the world and growing problem. you are absolutely right. the administration does not portray it as such. there is going to be a speech by the president soon to the muslim world. you firmly believe that the rise of fundamentalism has not been aborted by the death of bin laden? >> no, sir. not at all it may become more
11:26 pm
varied in the degree of intensity, people look for the implementation of sharia law. certainly the idea that obama is pushing that 1.4 billion muslims are going to abandon their faith in favor of secular democracy as most of them regard are a ill religion or pagan could only be someone educated at harvard. [ laughter ] >> bill: i don't hold that view and i was there. so you believe that the administration is naive and i think we are seeing this in egypt now with the attacks on the catholic churches by the fundamentalists, which wouldn't have happened under mubarak. he wouldn't have allowed that. the secret police would have stepped. in you are going to say in the future we will see more of this fundamentalist activity across the muslim world. >> i think that's right, bill. also we have a crushing blow to the intelligence community as obama and the administration and the republicans cheer on the destruction of the arab
11:27 pm
tyrannies that govern the region. we lose the yemenese and all of that that works back. >> no connection with porn no terrible bad guys they were helping us against al qaeda. >> they were indeed, sir. >> bill: check out his book usama bin laden. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. actor ed asner says is he a socialist. has some thoughts on how mr. obama is doing. mr. abner is next. dennis miller on the republican shakeup this week and whether or not president nancy pelosi is the 3.6-lite pentastar engine in the jgrand cherokee has a best in class driving range of more than 500 miles per tank. which means you don't have to worry about finding gas station. which is good... because the just might not be one.
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♪ hah
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famous lou grant on tv. mr. asner is a socialist and strong political opinions. i spoke with him yesterday. so you play warren buffet in this movie. >> i am warren buffet. >> you are buffet. >> you know my misgivings, hank of my investment banks. as soon as they started trading for themselves, the risk managers lost control. >> i think he is fantastic. >> bill: you like him even though he is a capitalist and makes money. >> all capitalists should be like warren buffet, he says he should be taxed more. >> bill: he could give that money to the government straight out. you know, just write the check. >> why don't we tax him more? >> bill: because we want to stimulate the economy. we are hoping warren spends more money. let me get on to this movie too big to fame. >> what can i do to you today. >> i would like to talk but to taking a stake in goldman sachs. >> why did cause the economy to almost collapse. what was the main ingredient? >> we have seen nothing but removing regulations.
11:32 pm
removing regulations from these guys with greed, riding the pony, it created the bubble and the bubble finally burst. >> government regulation it t. has to be watched closely. barney frank doesn't get more liberal than him. weighs watching freddie and fanny. they collapsed under his nose. he didn't know anything about it that doesn't give me confidence the government can regulate any financial institution. you saw barney and i yelling at each other, right? >> no, i haven't seen that. >> bill: no, you haven't seen it? i will send it to your house. >> would you? i need some racey film. i haven't had -- >> bill: cable news is about as racey as you are going to get. you are an old time socialist. >> not a long time. i think i'm a present time. >> bill: do you believe that president obama is a socialist? >> no, god no. >> are you happy with him. >> not that much. >> what do you think is he doing wrong? >> i don't think. >> i tend to read paul krugman a
11:33 pm
lot. >> bill: that's a problem right. >> there i knew you would be pleased. >> bill: he would be. >> according to the dictates of paul, he should have done so much more in terms of the bank loans and in terms of the revitalization, the money. it should have been a bigger kick start. >> bill: he wasn't aggressive enough in managing the economy. >> that's right. >> bill: do you think is he a phony. >> i don't know yet. >> bill: how did you react when bin laden went down? >> i think that too many people regarded as a panacea. he wasn't even wanted by the fbi for 9/11. >> bill: a bunch of other crimes. they were among them. the 9/11 atrocities. >> the point is well, everybody thinks that 9/11 is erased we have gotten bin laden. >> bill: i don't think everybody feels that. >> i do. >> bill: i think there is a lot of danger out. >> there a lot of people do. >> bill: that's funny because liberal guys like you and barack obama has been aggressive, the drones going in there, blowing these guys to hell.
11:34 pm
>> that's too aggressive for my money. >> bill: even though you get a chiefdom. >> i don't want us there. barack obama came into office the one mark on him that i had from the get-go was that we're going to finish it in afghanistan. i don't think we need afghanistan. i would like us to get out of there. nobody has ever won in afghanistan. we can dance and crow at the russians getting their as whipped there. we are getting the same thing in our own way. >> bill: you want out of there and you think we are making a mistake. >> one of the things i like about you you are not a mean guile guy. you and i are political aapart as ever. we can have a few laughs. you are lowe grant for me. i'm like working for you in the newsroom. >> i'm fired did. i look like donald trump? >> you're fired. >> bill: when you were doing the moore show, did you discuss politics with the crew? was there a lot of back and forth? mary tyler moore is a big factor fan she watches every night. >> no henning.
11:35 pm
>> why henning? how old do i look? >> mary has become much more conservative of late. i was the most outspoken liberal. >> bill: do you know rush limbaugh calls me ted bagster. i consider that a compliment. >> do as long as i have, you learn to play it down to the wire. >> he was a brilliant. >> he was the -- man i ever knew. >> you climbed nine floors up the fire escape. >> nine really i lost one in over shot. >> you are a patriot. thank you. >> i enjoy you. >> you got spunk. [ laughter ] >> well, i a heat spunk. >> mary tyler moore had a very serious operation we hope she is recovering nicely. one footnote we posted the entire ed asner interview for premium members. it's a lot of fun. a perk for you guys. republican politics and whether republican politics and whether or not nancy pelosi is i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep.
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i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was ifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. 38 businesses and nancy pelosi's san francisco district have been granted waivers on obama care. some of those concerns are very wealthy. we are not talking fast food joints here. joining us from los angeles with comet the sage of southern california, dennis miller. all right. before we get to congresswoman pelosi. you heard ed asner, do you know him? >> i have talked to ed. i like ed. i had a peace corps job one summer with a tribe of people who lived in ed's back hair. but then i got transferred over to jimmy khan's back and we fell out of touch. >> bill: cosmetic jokes tonight, i see. that's where we are going. >> listen, i like eddy but when he talks about being a
11:40 pm
socialist, i always think god obviously his manager didn't get him deal points on the mary tyler moore show. participation you wouldn't be all -- >> bill: you have got to understand asner is an old-time guy. he saw the 50s deal, a lot of that a lot of shaping in there and a lot of the labor stuff. flex plan services says nancy pelosi had nothing to do with the 38 waivers in her district in san francisco. totally innocent. not gaming the obama care system and you, say? >> who did you quote as a source? columbia record and tape club? i didn't hear that? >> bill: flex plan services. this is the administrator that files for the obama care waivers. they do that. >> i see. flex time waivers. body by jake? that guy? let me say this. at this point life i can't tell if nancy pelosi is telling me a bold face lie or a two faced lie or a tight faced lie. i will say.
11:41 pm
this i considered her to be the preeminent liar of her generation. she can look you in the eye and tell you she is not looking you in the eye because somewhere along the line she clipped the cable on her shame odometer. i don't believe a thing she says. if you think it's random that 28 out of 140 of the most recent waivers turn up a at 60 porter house steak houses in san francisco. i don't know what to tell you. i have got a golden gate bridge to sell you. her personal ethics have more bends than lumbar street which is in her district. they used to put crooks like her on alcatraz instead of sending them to washington. >> bill: what's interesting she hasn't made any comments. if you were accused you would get out front instead flex plan services has to do it for her. >> as long as flex plan jumped in and took the hit for her, i'm solid with it now. when i came in here today, i
11:42 pm
wasn't sure. but, flex plan -- what is it bed pan services? now i'm on board. >> bill: flex plan. may devolve depending how badly. you a lot of stuff going on in the republican party. trump is gone and huckabee out. and gingrich taking a lot of heat. rapid fire with miller here. how do you see his prospects? >> at this point, he is a dead man running, billy. and i don't know why he chose to sprinkle so much hemlock on his blooming onion this week but i have never seen a more egregious violation of ronald reagan's 11th commandment about not speaking ill of another republican. paul ryan might be a cub to him who beat him to the big idea. but paul ryan is an earnest man. he didn't deserve crap like that. and when i look at gingrich he was so off his game all i could think is wait a second, david gregory is not this tough. is he just phoning this stuff. in i think gingrich was on an
11:43 pm
ambien the night before. he wasn't lucid on there he is out. might as well get on with his life's work. i don't know what that is but he is out. >> bill: morris disagrees. we will see what the g.o.p. polling does next wednesday. isdid apologize to paul ryan, do you think that matters. >> only to the extent that he can kid himself for a few more weeks that he is in this. he ganged it he had the main stage. listen, newt is the smartest guy in the room that can miss a point that badly. he missed that like dick van dyke tripping over the otto man. he just missed it he should have stayed off the kid's back. he at least made a stab at it in good faith and gingrich kicked him to the curb. >> bill: mitt romney? >> listen, i think mitt romney ought to sum this all up and say i decided to show you how obama care would fail the country in massachusetts. rather than theory rise about it i think he can get back in any
11:44 pm
time anybody can make 10 million bucks in a day they are still in the game. if i were him i would pick pawlenty as a running mate. mitt and pau but no hand out for you. >> bill: excellent. tim pawlenty governor of minnesota you like him. >> is he great guy, billy. he is sharp when he is not under the microscope. but is he a little too uptight. he has got to loosen it up. i don't know what that move is. if i was him, i would come in with that travis bickel mohawk or something in the shade just to let people know that he. >> bill: how about some piercings? nose and eye. >> something just to show me that the game is afoot. >> bill: ron paul, of course, making another run. and, what do you think? >> yeah, ron paul is a good guy but too on citizen nent. when bin laden is dead. walk away from it, let it go. you don't have to go in and give me how you would have handled bin laden. i'm glad he got shot in his
11:45 pm
undies watching porn. if ron isn't, he should just zip it. >> bill: miller, going to save the rest for next week. always good to see you. we appreciate your point of view as always. >> all right, billy, thank you very much. >> bill: did you see that? greta grilling newt gingrich last night about owing tiffanies big money. we will play you the clip when we come back. [ rge ] psst. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that in we begin with newt gingrich's appearance last night on greta's program at 10:00. as you may know, there are charges floating around that mr. gingrich owes tiffanies hundreds of thousands of dollars. greta asked him about it. >> there is a report today and i'm not sure the relevance, maybe i will figure it out later but everyone is seizing upon it, that you had a bill at tiffanies in the range from 250 to
11:49 pm
$500,000 and that it became known because calista, your wife, when she worked in the house in the mid 2000s she had to report some debt. what is with the bill between 250 and $500,000 to tiffanies and has it been paid? >> now, later on i want you to watch this particular segment, greta. >> greta: okay. >> notice i talked about jobs, i talked about the price of gasoline. i talked about all sorts of real problems for real americans. >> greta: i brought this up. >> campaign we could bring up. and i think it sort of fit in perfectly and my answer to you is i'm not commenting on stuff like that. >> bill: here now to analyze fox business anchor dagen mcdowell. do we know anything about concrete about. this other than what's in the filing. his wife, newt gingrich's wife calista worked for the house agriculture committee. she was required to file financial disclosure documents. in the year 2005 and 2006, they carried a balance of anywhere
11:50 pm
from roughly a dollar over a quarter a million dollars up to half a million dollars at tiffany and company. that's what we do know. now, she no longer works at the agriculture department. left in 2007, i believe. he was not in the house at the time. so, he is -- now that he is running for president, he will have to file financial disclosure documents. the point that i would make about greta's question to him is, the number one issue in this country is actually our debt. and so if you are going to try to take charge of controlling our monday stress debt in this nation. then you are going to have to show that you have chops at doing it yourself. you have to answer questions about your personal debt. this was a credit card debt to tiffany and company. >> bill: okay. now, because they filed jointly as husband and wife. that's why calista gingrich had to do, this right? because it was a joint tax return. is that what -- >> she had to disclose this information because she was working for the agri -- the
11:51 pm
house agriculture committee. what was disclosed was them as a couple. >> bill: okay. all right. >> that's a lot of -- >> bill: folks can make up their own mind about how newt gingrich handled this. >> number one issue. >> bill: okay. now, bin laden's death has been celebrated by most americans, polls show that and in hollywood, most of those people out there are on board with celebration. roll the tape. >> it seems to me you lived your life like a [bleep] in the sand ♪ getting whacked in an attack in rule pakistan. ♪ you reached the lowest limits of human race ♪ could have shot you anywhere ♪ how about in the face. >> bill: martin short channeling elton john on the very liberal
11:52 pm
david letterman program. we actually did some research about hollywood people who may have objected to bin laden being killed. what did you come up with. >> guess who? michael move and rosie o'donnell. of course they are out on the limb as usual. seeking publicity. >> bill: no surprise. >> they both suggested that they would have rather seen a trial. michael moore said he was assistanted by the navy -- assassinated. >> bill: sheryl crow said some controversial stuff. >> she said she was divided, mixed emotions about justice being served and someone being killed. she also signaled something that after ril lavigne singer of moon five said i think if it were any other president i might feel different about it. >> bill: we like barack obama. >> he is great. you know,. >> katie perry very hot singer said. >> very hot. indeed very hot. she said i believe in justice. i don't think an eye for an eye
11:53 pm
will make the world -- it could make the world blind but it's a great day and i'm proud to be an american. >> bill: both ways. >> she was watching herself. she has got to worry about her fans. >> bill: thank you, dagen. pinheads and patriots on deck. blast from the past oprah and tom cruise way back. p and p moments away. spend a little more time and a little less money. go to bass pro shops for great deals@ at our stores and at and this weekend, don't miss our national go outdoors event and sale with...
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in a moment. >> but first thank you to everybody buying from the website. thousands of you have received your bumper sticker free because you spent $20 on the website. now we have the patriot t-shirt with the seal slogan on theç back. patriot on the front. seals 1, bin laden nothing on the back. you got that get one. many of you are buying father's day gifts like the patriots shirt we also have the pinhead shirt. check it out on i'll sign my book for your father and you can write a personal message. >> now the mail: >> bill: it was a goodç segmen.
11:57 pm
lots of folks think he won it is impossible to get an accurate tally because some far left websites have intruded on our poll. the results are skewed. they tell their night of the living dead -- you know. we have a new poll on do you want to see the photos of a dead weather tpwh -- of a dead bin laden? yes or no? >> we kept our analysis to candidates polling higherç. i'm aware of herman and we are watching his campaign. >> bill: we are filing your e-mail joe. you will like the shirt. not to say he's gonna win, but if he does --.
11:58 pm
>> bill: i got to figure out how to sign nooks. >> bill: you must be very proud, thank you. finally pinheads and patriots. next week oprah will do her syndicated show for the last time. there are all kinds of look-backs, here's one. >> i had the great fortune of growing up with four women, my mother and sisters all loved
11:59 pm
your show. rdon't think you can understand how excited they were, when i first went on your show in 1988. >> you looked 10 at the time. >> yeah, i know. [ laughing ] >> you looked 12. what was that with my hair? >> bill: i don't know. is that pinheaded or patriotic? >> last night we asked you if the entire --. very interesting result, thanks to everyone who voted. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factorç website. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no


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